Give Your Green Tea A Shakeup!


Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of green tea – it contains powerful antioxidants, improves digestion, invigorates the constitution, benefits the eyes, helps soothe a sore throat, and so much more. But do you ever get tired of drinking plain ol’ green tea? Sometimes just want a change?

One of the easiest mix-ups is to serve it iced. Often when we think of iced tea it is a black tea, usually sweetened. But serving green tea iced, lightly sweetened with a bit of honey, is a refreshing alternative. Try adding some frozen strawberries for flavor. Or blueberries. Or even watermelon. Add a sprig of fresh mint. There are lots of ways to serve up this delicious health enhancer!

There are also many additions you can make to your hot tea to promote better health. Have itchy, burning eyes? Try adding chrysanthemum flowers and/or goji berries.  A sprig of fresh mint to your hot tea will help ease digestion, and can soothe a sore throat or stuffy nose. Adding rose petals (you can find rose petals suitable for making tea on Amazon) is calming and promotes relaxation. Cinnamon is warming, and is great for a cool morning. Try placing a cinnamon stick in your cup for 1 to 2 minutes to spice up your tea.

Be creative and enjoy this wonderful drink throughout the year!


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